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Dear neighbors and friends, My name is Dexter Bowen, personal fitness trainer and fat loss specialist in Lancaster Ca. I know how tough it can be to begin a training program especially when there is so much useless information, fat loss programs, and fad diets that make big claims on lifestyle changes and weight loss but never get you the fast and permanent results that you seek…Well, here is the solution to that problem.

Give us 30 minutes of your time and we will show you how our programs get you fast results! We are so confident that you will get slim, tone, lose weight, gain more energy and look and fell better…your first session is free to try so you can see for yourself if our programs are right for you.

I’m assuming you’ve found this website for one, if not both, of the following reasons:

1. You’re looking to find an Antelope Valley personal trainer and coach who will help keep you consistent with your training, accountable with your nutrition and motivate you in getting real results.
2. You want to learn more about how to improve your health and get lean, tone and fit.

In the last 3 years my company has taken hundreds of Antelope Valley residents step-by-step and transformed their lives through customized nutrition, cardiovascular, strength and coaching programs! But don’t take my word for it, let our happy clients tell you themselves…

“Hi, my name is Jennifer. I used to be an aerobics and gymnastics instructor and was pretty healthy and fit. It wasn’t until I was in my late 30’s early 40’s that I started becoming very fatigued and gained weight. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and was put on medication. I was later diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and on top of it all, I went into Menopause. My body was out of wack and my weight ballooned up! I thought I knew how to lose the weight and eat healthy but nothing was working. I decided I couldn’t do it on my own, I needed help. That’s when I found Just1 Fitness. They put me on my own personalized meal plan and exercise regimen and pretty soon I saw results. I’ve now lost 35 pounds, dropped 25% body fat, and I’m down 10 dress sizes! My stamina and strength have increased, my energy is through the roof, and I feel almost as good as I did 25 years ago all thanks to Just1 Fitness.” Jen B., Palmdale Ca.

“I was a collegiate athlete and was in the weight room 6 days a week, I could squat over 200 pounds… By the time I graduated I was exhausted! I stopped working out and kept eating like an athlete. In a matter of 7-8 months I went from a solid 190 pounds to 236 pounds. A lot of my family members are over 300 pounds and so I thought where I was was ok. But the moment I couldn’t walk up my stairs without gasping for air and holding onto my knees because of the pressure the weight caused on my joints I knew I had to do something. It was at that point that I decided it was time to get back in the gym, unfortunately nothing that I was doing was working. Then, I was introduced to Just1 Fitness. Right away they sat me down for a consult and body diagnostic and we found out that my body fat percentage was in the morbidly obese range! I had to do something quick! Just1 Fitness took me step by step and educated me on how to live a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, and spiritually. In less than 9 months I dropped 86 pounds and went from 36% body fat down to 21% and I dropped 11 dress sizes. Just1 Fitness was with me the whole way supporting me, encouraging me, and educating me! I have now been able to maintain my results for almost 2 years!” Jennifer C., Quartz Hill Ca.

“Prior to Just1 Fitness I had begun my weight loss journey but was interrupted by a knee injury. It was then that I knew I needed to seek additional help. I came to see Just1 Fitness and right away they got me going again. In less than 5 months I lost 40 pounds. I feel better and stronger. I’d like to lose an additional 60-80 pounds in 2011! People in my family don’t live very long, usually passing away in their 50’s. I’m already in my 50’s and I would like to live to see myself be 80 or 90 years old. It’s possible and Just1 Fitness is helping me do it! Just1 Fitness has shown me how to eat correctly, exercise, and keep myself from anymore injuries. They encourage me, motivate me to keep going, and are always there to answer my questions. If you’re on the fence about coming here or someplace else, come here! You get everything you need right here!” Theresa, Antelope Valley Ca. Get started now! This program is intended for people who want fast, permanent and serious results! If this is you…

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Schedule your Metabolic Analysis and Body Diagnostic, (a $100 value for FREE), and we will get in touch with you right away…or get started with your free 1-on-1 training session. All you have to lose is weight!

Here’s what another neighbor and friend has to say about our programs…
about our programs…

“I heard about Just1 Fitness in March. I was desperate! I had done everything to try to lose weight but always failed. Just1 Fitness has changed my life. Since I started with Just1 Fitness I have lost 55 pounds, am no longer Pre-Diabetic, and am off my Cholesterol Medication. I still have quite a ways to go but with the help and commitment of Just1 Fitness, and with their expertise in the areas of nutrition and exercise, I feel confident that I will reach my goals and will soon be out of the danger zone with my health issues. You ROCK Just1 Fitness! Thank you for all you have done in my quest to improve my health!” Lorraine R., Lancaster Ca.


Just1 is a private training studio. It’s just you and your coach! There are no pearing eyes, so there is no need to feel intimidated. This lifestyle program is fast, simple, and it works.

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