Flexibility Improvement

Example1stockfeelgood22Flexibility is a key component for all of training. It is often overlooked by many as a form of training. Flexibility is the normal extensibility of all soft tissues; it allows for free range of motion, helps correct muscle imbalances, helps relieve joint stress, and it also decreases the chance of injury.

At Just1 Fitness, we recommend and incorporate flexibility components in all our training which helps in human movement (neuromuscular efficiency). Click Here For Your FREE Consultation & Training Session

Weight Loss/ Toning and Firming

At Just1 Fitness, we believe in educating our clients not for short term goals but for a lifetime of wellness and success. We do not focus on fad diets, fat burning pills, or surgeries for weight loss and toning. We offer scientifically proven exercise principles to accelerate fat loss in effective 30 minute sessions. WeContinue Reading